Welp. I’m officially that mom. You know the one who dresses her kid up, straps-em in the car seat and drives to the nearest bunch of Bluebonnets she can find. Poor Allison. Last year the bluebonnets died before she was born so I jumped at the chance to take “traditional” Texan photos of her in a bunch of ‘very pretty’ weeds! Not gonna lie…it was better than I imagined. But rest assured, I DID NOT pull over on the side of the busy interstate to take the pictures. We went to my grandparents house, where the food is delicious and bluebonnets thrive.




This picture makes me LAUGH! She’s such a ham.


Allison with her great grandparents and her cousin Kensley!



Love, Love, Love my sweet girl!


Our Weekend In Pictures

I’m happy to say that we had a very relaxing and boring weekend! We did venture out on Saturday to have lunch with Lydia, Abigail & Ensley. Allison got a taste of her first french fry…she liked loved it. Go figure.  I did find out that although she’s a champ when it comes to shopping (no whining or fussing) she is  not amused by it.

photo 1

She does however LOVE to go on walks. Can’t you tell!? She makes my heart happy, especially since she enjoyed herself.  Riding it hard work though, power napping at it’s finest.

photo 2 photo 4

A little Winnie-the-Pooh while mom makes dinner…don’t mind if I do.  Look at her impeccable posture…now if only I could sit up that straight.

photo 3

Since it’s the week of Halloween, I decided Allison should wear a Halloween themed outfit everyday this week. This morning was her witches hat, ‘my first Halloween’ onesie & cute little ruffled leggings. Charlotte thought her hat/headband was rather interesting. She’s such as creepy ass cat. I kept waiting for her to bat it off her head.

I can hardly wait for Thursday to show off her precious costume!

Happy Halloween-Eve-Eve-Eve! Meow!

photo 5