12-Months Old


Age: 12 Months

Stats: 20lbs & 28 inches (These are guesstimates…we go to the doctor on the 7th!)

Clothes: A few 9 month outfits but mostly 12 months. She has filled out so much in the past two months.

Favorite Foods: Cheese, Crackers, granola bars, mac-n-cheese (can you tell we feed her such healthy foods), & yogurt (this kid LOVES yogurt!).

Favorite Words: Momma and Dadda.

Favorite Toys: Books are still by far her favorite toys. But she also is a sucker for an iPhone, remote control, or the cats fur. Ya know, the important stuff.

Sleep: She is doing so much  better with sleeping in her big girl bed. 8PM-7:30AM (she ends up in our bed usually around 2AM…not to shabby…we’ll get there)  

Favorite Activities: She loves being outside and going for walks, reading books, getting into the cats water bowl, & she also has figured out how to open cabinets.

Least Favorite Activities:  I’m pretty sure this is going to stay the same forever. She absolutely HATES having to lay down to change her diaper, clothes, be put in her car seat, or anything that requires her to sit still. She is becoming more and more adamant with her protesting. It’s getting a little ridiculous.
Signature Moves: Waving “Hi” & “Bye-Bye”, “roll em up” (Ask her, she knows), & fake laughing to make us laugh (she is a comedian already! Her Great Pop Johnny would be so proud)
Proudest Moment: I took her to work with me the other day for a little while and she just could and would not stop giving me hugs and kisses. Times like those make me forget all the bad/sleepless nights and remember why I wanted to become a mom so badly.
Other Milestones: She has cut two of her back molars, the other two are on their way in…this kid has 10… yes you read that right…TEN teeth. What, the what?! She is becoming more independent and so much more interactive with Charles and I. We also completely cut out bottles this past month…only sippy cups for this little toddler! 😦 I actually cried.

I can’t wait to post pictures from her birthday party on Saturday! Where did my baby go? For all of you brand new moms, moms-to-be or even vet mom, these are the best times of your life, enjoy every little moment because before you know it they’ll be a year old and you’ll look back and try and figure out when it happened. Don’t wish them onto the next milestone, I know it’s hard, I’ve been there but looking back I wish I would have taken more time to appreciate her learning and growth.




Age: 10 Months

Stats: 17 lbs & 26 inches

Clothes: Officially in 9 month clothes although there are a few 6 month outfits that make their way into the mix.

Favorite Foods:  Cheese. Cheese. And More Cheese.

Favorite Words: “Momma”, “Dada”, the occasional “Hi”, and now “dao” (which we think means dog).

Favorite Toys: She LOVES books! She understands how to turn the pages and tries to help when we read books together. She’s also a sucker for tissue boxes so I made her a baby friendly version from some cut up old sheets and an old wipe box. Now she can pull out and slobber over as many “tissues” as she wants!

Sleep: We are in the process of getting her to sleep in her big girl bed but she has been sick basically all month so we are having to start over ever other week it seems like. She goes to sleep in her bed between 7-8PM and wakes up around 12-1AM to get in our bed and will fall right back to sleep and wake up around 6:30-7AM. 

Favorite Activities: Trying to be sneaky and eat the cats food, bath time, reading books and of course anything that involves eating cheese!

Least Favorite Activities:  I’m pretty sure this is going to stay the same forever. She absolutely HATES having to lay down to change her diaper, clothes, be put in her car seat, or anything that requires her to sit still.
Favorite Things
Month Nine Favorites
1. Shoe-La-La: Allison got this book for Christmas! It’s super cute and has glittery pages…what more could you want? She doesn’t like this book only, but finding a picture of all of her favorite books would require an entire blog post on it’s own.
2. Avent Cup:  I know the past couple of months have featured different types of sippy cups and I can honestly say this one is BY FAR the best. We have been testing out different ones and I think this one takes the cake.
3. TeePee: Ok so I did NOT spend $160 on this teepee from The Land of Nod, but instead made my own. I have to say, it’s definitely not the best but it is still really awesome! Allison loves to crawl in it and take all of her stuffed animals and sometimes Charlotte will make her way in to play with her.
4. Cheese:  I don’t think this needs a description. She loves cheese. Shred cheese, block cheese, any kind of cheese. Also, we don’t buy craft we by HEB brand but they don’t have pictures of t online so this will work. I love giving her shred cheese though because it’s easy for her to pick up and swallow.


Signature Moves: Fake laughing, Fake crying, crawling super fast, pulling the cats fur, playing pee-a-boo, and stooping (so cute)!
Proudest Moment: She’s so inquisitive and we both absolutely love that about her. She is an incredible little girl who is always teaching us new things, most importantly patience. We are going to have our hands full when she’s a teen!
Other Milestones: Getting close to being able to balance herself to stand on her own. I for sure thought she would be walking by 10 months but I think we are looking at closer to her first birthday or after. That’s ok…I’m not ready for my baby to walk yet. 😦


photo 2

Age: 9 Months

Stats: 15lbs 12oz (12th percentile)  & 26 inches (4th percentile)

Clothes: Still wearing size 6 months.  Finally put all of the 3 month clothes away and are slowly collecting 9 month clothes!

Favorite Foods:  Cheese and crackers!

Favorite Words: Momma, Dada and she even told Charles “hi dada” the other night. Fluke..yes.. but we count it!

Favorite Toys: She absolutely LOVES books. She will pull them all out and flip through the pages, chew on them (a new form of reading we believe), sit on them, and share them. We are definitely going to be getting her books and a cute new reading chair for her birthday! She also really loves her zany zoo activity block that she got for Christmas. Charlotte also likes it. And Charles. Hell, me too! All four of us have been caught playing with it at one time or another.

Sleep: 7:30PM- 6:30AM  our rockstar babe is back! She is still sleeping in our bed but is no longer waking up to eat! Next week after we get back from Wisconsin we are going to start sleep training again so hopefully she will sleep in her bed. Part of me is really sad, I LOVE waking up to both of my favorite people every morning. 

Favorite Activities: Exploring the house, reading/pulling out ALL of her books, chasing the cat (still), going for wagon rides, and pulling up to stand! She thinks she’s hot stuff when she stands up. So do we baby girl…so do we!

Least Favorite Activities:  I’m keeping this the same as last month. Still anything that involves her laying/being still (diaper changes, cleaning nose, getting dressed, putting lotion on face) & being put in her car seat. All of these things are an absolute nightmare. She is waaay to busy to sit still. Duh Mom!
Favorite Things
Month Eight Favorites
1. Zany-Zoo Activity Block: My favorite line of children’s toys is, Just B. B You, from Target. This activity block is so much fun, even Charlotte plays with it! It’s excellent for fine motor skills and an all around good time. She loves to make the duckies move back and forth, and open and close the doors!
2.Tommy Tippee Bibs:  Best bibs I have found and cheap too!  Super easy to clean and they roll up so they fit really in the high chair storage bin. The ONLY complaint I have is that the neck hole is a little big (at least for Allison) and she is able to put it in her mouth and usually ends up getting the neck line of her shirt completely filthy.
3. Crown Pre-Walkers: I got these for Allison because the weather has turned colder and I worry about her little tootsies getting cold at school. Her classroom has one wall that is all windows so even though the heater is on it still gets chilly. These are also awesome because they are soft soled so she can still feel the floor, which helps in learning to walk and stand!
4. Grow-Up Cup: This is such an awesome design! It has a lid so she doesn’t spill but it comes out enough to teach her how to drink out of a ‘big girl cup’! She hasn’t quite grasped the concept yet but we are learning! Still so cool. Do they make this in adult size?
6. YoBaby Yogurt: Easy and healthy breakfast or snack! We get th
ese at our local grocery store and Allison just loves them. We aren’t actually sure what the difference between these and regular yogurt is but she really likes them. Well pretty much any food but especially these!
photo 1


Books, Books Books!


photo 2
Daddy brought home Hello Kitty Band-aids for her first boo-boo! Sweet Daddy.
photo 12
Eating like a big girl! Yummy!
Signature Moves: Crawler on a mission! She is getting super fast. She’s pulling up on everything, she even got her very first ‘boo-boo’ because she slipped and fell when pulling up to stand. Clapping and blowing raspberries. She also started this little clicky thing with her tongue. SOOOO cute!
Proudest Moment: We are so proud to be her parents. Every single day she does something new that impresses us and we KNOW we’ve got to be the luckiest parents ever!
Other Milestones: Attempting to stand on her own with out support (still pretty wobbly but getting there) and transitioning to table food!



Holy Moly, Guacamole! Sweet little Allison is EIGHT/8/OCHO/HUIT months old! Can you believe it? Because her daddy and I sure can’t!


Cutest little monkey in all the land! Climbing all over stuff at school!

Age: 8 Months

Stats: 15lbs  & 24.5 inches (These are guesstimates — we go back to the doctor next month!)

Clothes: Still wearing size 6 months. We do have a few 6-9 month outfits that are starting to fit well!

Favorite Foods:  She still just loves food in general. She acts like we don’t feed her half the time but I guess that’s the life of a growing baby!

Favorite Words: She says mum! But only when she’s sad and wants me to pick her up…which is pretty much ALL.THE. TIME!

Favorite Toys: She’s been in a really clingy mood the past month and doesn’t really want to sit on the floor and play. I guess Charlotte would be her favorite toy? She also likes to chew on her squishy blocks. Our cell phones if we would let her have them. Anything that makes noise…Charles bought her a ‘remote’ by fisher price since she was stealing ours all the time. She still prefers ours…go figure.

Sleep:  7PM to 6AM. She’s a rock-star.  Right after she turned 7 months old she had a cold and started teething (we have 7 teeth now…WHAT?) and she hasn’t slept through the night since. She sleeps MUCH better if she’s in our bed but still wakes up to eat. Growth spurt, teething, separation anxiety…I guess all of it is contributing to one very cranky and clingy baby and one very tired and exhausted mommy.

Favorite Activities: Crawling after the cat! She is on the move. She is also starting to pull up on things and people. I’m sure she’ll be walking before too long. 😦 I shouldn’t be sad but where in the world is the time going? She loves to go on walks too! Charles & I Santa got her a wagon for Christmas. I am having a really hard time waiting until Christmas to bust it open…but for the sake of her first Christmas I have restrained myself! Don’t forget to  mention the clapping. She won’t really do it on cue but she does clap a lot…mostly for herself I suspect.

Least Favorite Activities:  Still anything that involves her laying/being still (diaper changes, cleaning nose, getting dressed, putting lotion on face) & being put in her car seat. All of these things are an absolute nightmare. She is waaay to busy to sit still. Duh Mom!
Favorite Things
 seven month facs
1. One-Two Squeeze Blocks: Target has the most adorable line of children’s toys, Just B. B You. These blocks are squishy and are cute colors! She doesn’t really get stacking them but she loves to chew on them!
2. Humidifier: I swear this girl has a cold & nasal congestion every other week. We have this humidifier and it seems to help keep her comfortable, at least just enough to sleep-ish. Charles said  he always feels relief in the morning after sleeping with it on his side of the bed!
3. Baby Food Pouches: We’ve been trying to introduce new foods to Allison so she doesn’t inherit the “Patti Pallet” as Charles calls it. These are super easy to feed and store not to mention taste way better than it’s Gerber counterpart (yes I taste them).  Gerber doesn’t make that large a variety, at least not in our stores, so these are excellent in terms of variety. They are pricier than Gerber but I guess you get what you pay for?
4. NoseFrida: Yes everyone thinks I’m completely disgusting for ‘sucking’ my daughters boogers out of her nose but I will tell you it works 100x’s better than the bulb thing. If you can stomach the thought of literally sucking the icky snot out of your kids nose, then get this little contraption. It keep her nose clearer longer so I’m not having to suck and irritate her nasal passages more than necessary!
6. Chicco Next Fit Carseat: We’ve had the Chicco Next Fit for about a week and I have to say, although there isn’t the convenience of whipping it out of the car while she’s still sleeping, it is the easiest car seat to install! It also seems to be quite a bit more stable and less wiggly in the car than her regular graco one. She still HATES to be put in her car seat but she seems more comfortable in this one… hell even I’d ride in it. Memory foam on my toosh? Yes please!
photo 1
Mommy & Allie Cupcake Date!  Yummy!
photo 2
Look at her pull up! She’ll be walking soon.
photo 3
Signature Moves: Crawling after the cat! She has also started blowing raspberries with her tongue out too…i don’t know where she got that from but it’s sorta cute. Until she spits in your face…then it’s no longer cute. She also rocks back and forth on her knees like she’s trying to gain enough momentum to take off, which in turn results in a black eye. (yep, she came home from daycare with a black eye from this)
Mom’s Proudest Moment: Watching her crawl for the first time. It was pure magic!
Dad’s Proudest Moment: Spending an entire day with her out-and-about and NAILING it! 🙂 This is also my proudest moment.
Other Milestones: Pulling up on people & things. Miss. Debbie, her teacher, said she pulled up in her crib! Clapping! She loves to “Clap-Clap”. 7 teeth! 4 top & 3 bottom!


Where, Oh Where has the time gone? Our sweet little babe is already seven months old. Part of me is really excited and another part of me is really sad. I miss my sweet teeny tiny bebe but am SOOO excited for what the future holds for her. She is so smart and getting so big!  I wish I would have started this 6 months ago but I guess late is better than never.


Age: 7 Months

Stats: 14lbs (5th Percentile), 24 inches (8th Percentile)

Clothes: Wearing size 6 month mostly, but an occasional 3 month outfit makes its way into the mix. She has worn a couple of 9 month outfits from Carter’s too.

Favorite Foods:  Food in general. She does really like banana’s, mac-n-cheese, chicken & pumpkin flavored things.

Favorite Words: Does shrieking count as a word? If so, shrieking. She has said “mum” before but only when she is crying and upset. I’ll take it either way.

Favorite Toys: She is pretty obsessed with “Guess How Much I Love You” soft book that Charles bought her during their daddy-daughter date. She also likes anything that she can put in her mouth and chew on.

Sleep: 7PM to 6AM. She’s a rock-star.

Favorite Activities: Bath time is her absolute favorite, but she does love just hanging out on the floor with some toys. Oh and she’s a total TV babe. No matter where in the room she is, she will make it a  point to watch the TV if it’s on. (Mom-of-the-Year Award goes to…me!) Staring at the cat is also pretty entertaining…I swear Charlotte will be the reason Allison starts crawling.


Least Favorite Activities: Anything that involves her laying/being still (diaper changes, cleaning nose, getting dressed, putting lotion on face) & being put in her car seat.
Favorite Things
6 month favs
1. Dino-Popper: This was a gift from one of my co-workers and Allison is finally old enough to be able to use it. Both her AND Charlotte love watching the balls bounce up and down. Allie hasn’t quite grasped the concept of putting them back into the dino to make them bounce once they’ve bounced out. She’ll get there…as long as Charlotte doesn’t steal them all away first.
2. Gerber 2nd Foods: Even though we are working diligently on introducing Allison to new foods and textures, these are still our go to in-case we are in a hurry or there’s nothing appropriate available for her to eat.
3. Self-Feeder: Allison LOVES eating out of this. It gives her independence as well as keeps her occupied for a few minutes so I can start supper or get something else done. Just pop a little bit of banana in it and wha-la! Yum-Fest! We also like this one over the mesh bag ones because it’s really easy to clean. The mesh just seemed really hard to keep clean and sanitary.
4. Boogie Wipes: These are still one of our favorites. Allison seems to always be congested or have a runny nose and these are perfect for keeping her sensitive little nose from getting raw. They smell good too!
5. Foscam: Now that Allison is sleeping in her room, on the opposite side of the house I might add, the Foscam gives me peace of mind so that I can get some sleep. The best thing about it is that the camera feeds directly to our iPhone’s and iPad and has a two-way mic so we can talk to her from our room. We’ve only done it a couple of times but it’s a pretty cool feature. Oh Also, I swear she knows that it’s a camera and we are watching her because she constantly  looks at it. Creepy much? (see picture below)
6. Guess How Much I Love You Soft Book: Daddy & Allison had a daddy-daughter day last week and wound up at Barnes and Nobel. This is the coolest little book. It has different textures, interactive hopping bunnies and makes lots of crinkle noises. Oh and it has a little heart teether, perfect for the teething babe.
Signature Moves: Putting everything in her mouth, push-ups, shrieking in delight & belly giggles.
Mom’s Proudest Moment: When people in the store or around town come up to me and tell me that she’s the most beautiful baby they’ve ever seen.
Dad’s Proudest Moment: Spending an entire day with her out-and-about and NAILING it! 🙂 This is also my proudest moment.
Other Milestones: She is beginning to understand what we are saying…especially “Do you want to something to eat?” or “No”.  She is so close to crawling, even I can taste it. Hopefully she’ll be crawling by Thanksgiving.
 Hope you are all having a Happy Hump Day!