Spring Cleaning 101

I have always been a clean freak, not necessarily neat, but clean. In honor of my love of organization and a tidy home I am committing myself to a “Spring Clean-A-Thon”! I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who gets excited about going through things and throwing/selling no longer needed items. Since this is the first time I will clean out an actual house I have been doing my research. I know, I know how hard can it be? Throw the shit out you don’t use…but my OCDness makes me want to organize my organizing plans. See the irony?

I found this on Pinterest and it is my inspiration for my “Spring Clean-A-Thon”.


My version. Mine are not going to be all “planned” out but  because lets face it, I don’t always want to clean and some times Allison makes it dang near impossible. 

January: Find new home for Charlotte’s necessities; sanitize and heavily clean the floors in study to make room for playroom; clean out front bedroom & closet

February: Clean out all 5 or 6 junk drawers…you think i’m kidding. I don’t even know how this happened. kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, cleaning supplies

March: Our chest of drawers, master bathroom cabinets, master closet, and garage.

April: Be excited spring cleaning is DONE-SKIES and get ready for Allison’s 1st Birthday!

I have an obsession of cleaning out Allison’s room like once a week so I didn’t feel the need to list it. I love going through all of her tiny little clothes and toys, so fun. Oh that reminds me…we need to go through her toys, this girl could open her own Toys-R-Us.

Hope this give you a little inspiration to have your own “Spring Clean-A-Thon”! Happy Cleaning!


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